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Top Ten Most Dangerous Countries in 2014
Top 10 Most Dangerous Countries in the World 2014

Top Ten Most Dangerous Countries in 2014

Few countries have hit poorly by the unforeseen happening. Persons living there are not completely safe and you can state that they are living under terror. Few issues related to politics and violence activities made these nations insecure. These nations are not completely safe for visit. The persons have mislaid most of their loved ones. They expect to have calm in these countries also for the advantage of the living people there but even for the complete world.

Top Ten Most Dangerous Countries in 2014 list:

You can check this list of Top ten Most Dangerous Countries in 2014.

10. United States

United States

You are amazed to observe this nation in this list that is super influence. It has completed after the attacks of 9/11 on this nation. This nation is a target nation because of having in wars in diverse countries mainly in the Afghanistan and Iraq.

9. Russia


Russia is perfect economical based country but few challenges related to security are being faced by this nation. The rate of crime is growing with the course of time. Russia is integrated in the list of top ten most dangerous countries in 2014 for ti’s high rate of kidnapping and murder.

8. Brazil


Brazil has a wonderful repute all over the world as sports activities mainly football makes this nation popular. Brazil has a good police force but still not handling the increased rate of crime rate. The rate of murder is  increasing rapidly with the time.

7. South Africa

South Africa

South Africa is integrated in this list of unsafe countries because of increasing in rate of crime, rape, murder. Cape Town is in the 1st number where the entire activities are moving on. Woman should avoid to visit the Cape Town because of highest rate of rape.

6. Venezuela


Venezuela is a gorgeous country and has popular beaches for the season of summer. But still is a risky country. High speed of murdering is a great fear in this nation. The robberies and kidnapping rate is even increasing here.

5. Burundi


Burundi has experience from war crimes. Management is trying to determine the conflict of armed. This nation has high-speed of systemic abuse of global humanitarian rights law that includes torture, murder and rape.

4. Afghanistan


Being in the external and internal war from a last few years Afghanistan is cautioned world-wide for any visitor activity mainly USA provided travel warning to their country.

3. Colombia


Colombia is an average takings nation. This has turn into the unsafe place because of high rate of crime together with kidnapping and murders. The major problem is the deaths because of drug trafficking.

2. Somalia


Somalia is a gorgeous country and must be a travel end for the visitor from the world. But it is agony from different challenges. No tourists has approached in this nation for last 14 years.


Top Ten Most Dangerous Countries in 2014- IRAQ

Current Iraq is the most dangerous country of world. The key reason is activities of terrorist that are still moving on also after the exit of outside forces. It has turn into a zone of war where nobody is fully secure. Bomb blasts on the constantly basis killing several people.

If you belong to any of the above Top Ten Most Dangerous Countries, Let us know your experience in the comment section.

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  1. shiwangi shrivastava

    Nice analysis over affecting countries. Thanks for your vision.

  2. nice information. Good to hear that US is included in this list

  3. Lol USA is number 10 I understand why but there a counter argument it is a target nation but the amount of money where spending on security and defense also makes the us the most secures and safest country, should not be in this list lol, but I agree it is a target nation

  4. I’ve traveled across Europe, USA, Pakistan, China and I’m an Indian citizen. I highly doubt USA would even realistically make it to top ten. USA is a target nation but USA does a good job at protecting itself from those threat elements. My country is more dangerous than USA lol can’t believe USA is at 10.

  5. I dont think Colombia is that dangerous Venezuela is worse

  6. USA as #10???

    I live in USA.. aside from occasional local crime, I’ve been extremely lucky I’ve never faced the things other countries have faced.. I agree as well based on our actions we’ve become a target nation, but thanks to our defenses and security that threat rate is dropped. But hey, danger can happen anywhere.. but to have us as #10 over countries that are facing much worse… seriously?

  7. U.S? Get the hell are of here! What about Syria, Nigeria, Yemen and Mexico? I'm sorry, but U.S has become one of the safest countries in the world.. Safer than yours.

  8. i live im somalia and personally i think the situation is worse with involvement of foreign forces.

  9. Well I’m glad Pakistan isn’t mentioned sick and tired for these pasty White Americans labeling it most dangerous I’m glad Indian media doesn’t hold a negative towards Pakistan:)

  10. I’m wondering where you got your information for this list.

  11. TIL USA is more dangerous than Syria.

  12. Danger in Columbia because of murderers because of drug traffic, If you go or live there just don’t be involved with drugs. Problem solved.

  13. oo very nice and dangerous .

  14. I live in South Africa, Cape Town and you can’t say women must STAY out of Cape Town because of the rapes. Women get raped where ever they go. And let me tell you something, you only get raped if you live in dangerous parts of cape town and if your house get broken in to and the criminal decides he want to rape you. The only reason why our rape numbers is so high is because people file a rape charge when their not satisfied like for example a hooker doesn’t get paid, or a gay couple fight, don’t get me wrong there is real rape cases but mostley in the townships. But thank you for your criticizing comment.

  15. ali mind your speech about nigeria or………..

  16. How is USA more dangerous than Pakistan.
    No offense Pakistan is just an example

  17. So glad to see America there! With the Stand Your Ground Laws, No Gun Control, High Racism, High Rate of Imprisonment, it is no longer "the greatest country in the world".

  18. you forgot about St. Louis and Detroit

  19. well, not surprise when u.s got rank, especially when kid can shoot other kids at school.

  20. Adam Jason Gipson

    I have to disagree with your site about South Africa. I’ve lived in this country all of my life – and I believe you haven’t researched properly. For one thing, Cape Town is the place people usually WANT to go in South Africa for it’s low crime rates and mellow inhabitants. In fact, Foreign companies using South Africa as part of any TV shows, reality shows, movies and music videos specifically go to Cape Town for the immense safety in comparison to any other province.

    Not to mention South Africa is the rape capital of the world with Soweto and Johannesburg proving to have the highest numbers according to many accomplished academic scholars and writers who have done research for years.
    I myself am living in Johannesburg, and although I’m not proud of it, I believe the correct statistics must be shown.
    However you have done an excellent job in general, and accuracy isn’t too bad considering how hard it is to find some of these things out. I thus applaud you for another most interesting top ten list.

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